Wednesday, 14 October 2015

CosPA 2015 Liveblog: Day Three Session Two

The second session features only a single talk, from the particle theory group.
10:55 am: Physics of Dark Gauge Interaction, Hye-Sung Lee

We start with a discussion of the CTPU group.

Then on to the interesting stuff.  Models of light vector bosons: dark photon, which kinetically mixes with hypercharge; and dark Z, which also mass-mixes with the Z. Dark photon can then be thought of as special case of dark Z.  Dark Z sensitive to low-energy parity measurements that dark photon is not.

The problem here is that all of this is very familiar to me, so I don't feel compelled to make any notes.

Low-Q squared parity tests can probe dark Z independent of its decay mode.  Possible improvement of fit to small anomaly in some measurements.

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