Wednesday, 14 October 2015

CosPA 2015 Liveblog: Day Three Session One

The third day of CosPA is a half-day, with the afternoon being devoted to the excursion.  The morning is focusing on our host institution, the Institute for Basic Science, and the three centres relevant for this conference.
09:05 am: Scientific Programs at CUP, Yeongduk Kim

CUP: Centre for Underground Physics.  The focus seems to be on neutrinoless double-beta decay and dark matter, with some work on sterile neutrinos.  Started with the KIMS dark matter search, also the AMoRE neutrino decay experiment.

Review of the neutrinoless double beta decay theory.  I'm skipping this due to familiarity, and my hand is cramping.

AMoRE experiment using CaMoO crystals.  Aim at zero background experiment.  Phase 1 would be comparable to current limits; phase 2 would put pressure onto inverted hierarchy.  Currently in a pilot run. Competittion from nEXO in US.  Different technologies, so good cross check.  nEXO has better projected reach.

Plans for CUPID, tonne-scale experiment to start construction in 2018.  Needed is normal hierarchy.  Collaboration with Europeans.

NEOS, sterile neutrino experiment.  Reactor experiment at same site as RENO; would involve unique three-baseline configuration.  Exploits feature of Korean detectors, room close to reactor.  Looking to publish spectra from near reactor this year.

Dark matter: plans to check DAMA using KIMS-NaI (same detector material).  Expected limits comparable to Xenon 1T at high mass, but quite good at low masses too.

09:50 am: Axions, axion dark matter, and high precision electric dipole moment experiments at CAPP, Yannis Semertizidis

Axion search theory review.  Experimental strategy is to use existing technologies.  Challenge is to integrate them into the experimental set-up.

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