Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Planck 2014 Liveblog: Day One Session 4

The final session of the first day is about inflation and cosmology.  We have only two talks.

4:30 pm: Aligned Natural Inflation, Hans Peter Niles


Inflation needs flat potentials.  Flat potentials are not generic.  BICEP points to trans-Planckian field evolution and people who need to learn they don't need to shout, they have a microphone.  Perhaps fake this using multiple fields?

Paraphrasing: Don't have to worry when theory is at edge of well-defined region, as noone can prove you are wrong.

5:00 pm: Mimetic Cosmology, Slava Mukhanov

Mimetic matter: modified gravity that mimics gravity.

These slides are nothing but equations.

I don't care.

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