Thursday, 14 June 2012

Another Christian Whining About Persecution

While looking up the news article I commented on in my last post, I came across this little gem:

A Kent GP has accused medical watchdogs of persecuting Christians after denying trying to convert a patient.
He is before the GMC accused of breaching medical rules by refusing to give a patient medication at his Margate surgery, in August 2010.
I guess in honesty I should point out that the accused, Dr Richard Scott, is still being tried.  But he is definitely guilty of magical thinking:
He told the council scientific studies, mainly carried out in the United States, showed faith benefited patients.
"Spirituality and faith is now becoming a new angle with medicine," Dr Scott told the hearing.

He also admits trying to convert the patient in question:

Under cross-examination by Andrew Hurst, counsel for the GMC, Dr Scott denied telling his 24-year-old patient that he would "suffer eternally" if he did not convert to Christianity.
Dr Scott said the patient was happy to talk about religion, when he had raised the subject in a "gentle, non-threatening" way.
Mr Hurst said "the effect" of what he told the patient was to promote Christianity over the patient's own religion.
 Obviously there's nothing wrong with someone in a position of power using it to proselytise.  The only reason he could possibly be on charge is because the British medical community is prejudiced against the largest religion in the country.  Certainly, had this accusation been made against a Muslim, the GMC would have ignored it.

Now, if it turns out Dr Scott did not withhold care, then he's only guilty of being an insensitive,  magical-thinking arse.  Which sadly is not illegal.  But if he is guilty...

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