Monday, 19 March 2012

Puerto Rico Republican Primary

Today was the republican presidential primary in Puerto Rico.  Despite not being an American, I've been following this election quite closely.  Some of it is schadenfreude; it's fun to point and laugh at the candidates.  Some of it is bile fascination; I have American friends, and I dread the thought of them being governed by any of these clowns.  The rest of it is a general fascination with elections that I can't quite explain.

At this point, of course, the primary has become quite dull.  Romney will almost certainly win, a fact that has been clear since Santorum failed to win Ohio on Super Tuesday.  This is a good thing; not that I like Romney, but he's less dangerous and crazy than his competitors.  Some people suggest that Obama supporters should hope for a Santorum victory, on the grounds that he'd be easier in the general election; my office mate is one of them.  But quite frankly I don't think there is anyone too crazy and right-wing for the Americans to elect them, so I want Romney to win the primary.

Puerto Rico isn't that important in the primary, thanks to not being a state and all.  However, it was amusing to watch Santorum do his best to self-destruct on the back of his wins in Alabama and Mississippi earlier this month.  It's no surprise to see Romney not only win, but by a crushing margin.

Attention now turns to Illinois, which represents Santorum's last realistic chance to change the narrative of the primary.  He won't, and I'll laugh.

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