Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Planck 2016 Liveblog: Day Three Session Three

I skipped the second session to do some work.  But it seems to have run quite late, with a knock-on effect that the conference lunch was delayed and so I've missed the start of the first talk this afternoon.

3:00 pm: Top Partners: Flavour, CP and Production at the LHC, Hugo Serodio

... was the goal here to have partial compositeness for the tops only?  I literally don't know what he's doing that isn't review here.

I think it is (well, bottom partial compositeness only).  With so much text on the slides, this should have been stated somewhere.

3:20 pm: Searching for signals of FCNC in the production of heavy resonances at the LHC, Maria Eugenia Cabrera Catalan

Heavy coloured states that decay not to tt or jj, but to tj.

Jet substructure methods.

3:40 pm: Profiling Z' bosons using charge asymmetry in top pair production with the lepton-plus-jets final state at the LHC? Declan Miller

A huge title and a huge number of slides: 121.  Did some stuff.

4:00 pm: Higgs lepton flavour violation and connection to neutrino masses, Juan Herrero Garcia

Higgs decay to τμ are a tantalising possible signal.  Even if they go away, it will remain a sensitive signal of NP.  Analysis (e.g. this morning) in terms of EFTs needs to be UV completed.

Relevant dimension 6 operators Yukawa-like and derivative-like.  Latter usually ignored as redundant under EOM, but can be more useful for making contact with the UV physics.

UV completions must generate desired signal without violating bounds on τ → μγ.  Different ways to open the effective operators: four different topologies using scalars and/or fermions.  In some cases, cannot decouple the tau and Higgs decay modes; but in others, you can.

4:20 pm: Charged LFV from Low Scale Seesaw Neutrinos, Xabier Marcano

Study of inverse seesaw model.

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