Thursday, 14 April 2016

Link Round-Up

Looking through the news, I saw a surprising number of stories I could write posts on.  Rather than do them all justice, however, I'm just going to through a list of links together with a couple of sentences of commentary.

  • Proving that homophobia does not require an Abrahamic religion, a gay couple in China have been denied the right to marry.  Still, it sounds like China may go the way of other industrialised nations in the near future.
  • We had one day's official holiday today for parliamentary elections.  Despite that, I didn't bother to pay much attention to the whole affair.  But it seems that, in contrast to what seemed likely beforehand, the governing party will lose seats.  If so, it probably kills their planned weakening of legal protections for workers, so I'm not going to be losing any sleep over that.
  • The French PM has called for a ban on Muslim headscarves at French Universities, because he didn't think the French Muslim community was isolated and angry enough.
  • The Guardian has released a study into the nature of their online comment sections.  No surprises, there are no small number of ugly comments with a distinct racial and sexist basis.  But concrete evidence is still a useful tool in combating it.
  • Potential good news for pro-EU Brits, with infighting among the various Brexit camps.  The founder of one of the groups competing to be the "official" pro-Brexit campaign is threatening to sue after losing out to Vote Leave, headed by the Justice Secretary.  When Nigel Farage looks calm and sensible by comparison, you should know you've gone too far.  This could also delay the vote till October, by which time Cameron and Osbourne might have recovered from the recent highly damaging fallout from the Panama Papers.

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