Friday, 6 September 2013

Wired, PAX and alternatives

My attention was drawn to an article at Wired on PAX, dickwolves and the related controversy:
Whether or not the strip was offensive in itself isn’t really relevant at this point: More than the comic itself, what made the most impact was how Penny Arcade responded to the readers — including rape survivors — who said it upset them.
I'm not going to say much on this beyond "go read the article", as I don't read Penny Arcade and only heard about all this post facto.  However, I will draw your attention to the links over on the right, several of which are webcomics worthy of reading.  Most particularly, it was Jeph Jacques's Twitter feed that alerted me to the above article.  While Questionable Content is one of the older, best-known webcomics and hardly needs a no-name blogger like myself to raise its profile, it serves as a nice counter-example.  I feel inspired to go buy some merchandise.

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