Thursday, 11 April 2013

California: 13

So, at current time of writing I'm in a different time zone, continent and even hemisphere to the usual.  Yes, if the title didn't give it away I've travelled to the USA, where I'll be for the next six weeks before moving on to Europe.  Obviously, my blog posting will be unreliable, but what else is new?  I actually expect to get more written now I'm actually on the move than was the case in the last couple of weeks.  For someone who travels a fair amount, I'm very bad at preparing for it; I always get highly stressed right up to the point where I check in at the airport.

This is my first time in California, and it's the thirteenth US state I've visited.  I'm not counting states I've only travelled through; connecting at LAX doesn't let me see anything different from any other major airport, for example.  Thankfully, I'm not in the south of the state, instead in the San Francisco suburbs.  This means I'm not suffering from the weather, a good thing after the Melbourne summer.  Indeed, with the weather hovering between lows of 10C and highs of 20C, I'm almost in love.

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