Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Quote of the Day

Physicists are only human (honest).  We like to crack the odd joke, even if our sense of humour can be a bit odd.  I have a friend whose advisor once put Harold Ramis in the acknowledgements of a paper on removing ghosts. There seems to be a competition going on in astro-ph for the most absurd paper title.  And then there's what I came across today, reading an old paper from the CTEQ collaboration.  Buried on page 6 was this little gem:
The two-part structure of χ2 loosely resembles a bicameral legislature such as the US Congress, where votes in the House are proportional to population—data points in our case—while votes in the Senate represent specific entities—experiments or data sets in our case.
At least it's not the House of Lords.

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